Sunday, November 23, 2014


The pharma world is very big and any classification based on their techniques, practices and even history will bring out volumes of publications. The very-noble yet economically lucrative world of pharma affects all of us, whether we are researchers, manufacturers and/or end users.
Ayurajan will report drug monographs with drug-indication, synthesis routes, patent information, manufactures details, intermediates and also side-effects. The drug pipeline will be revealed. Books, software’s, techniques, etc. will be reviewed. Sales data will be shared too.
All the information/experimental data provided here are extracted from peer-reviewed articles from journals, patents and company brochures.
At present, each monograph is divided into three pages:
Page 1: This page has the structure activity data for the drug molecules. It also cites the reported mechanism of activity for the drug molecule.
Page 2: This page is dedicated to synthesis of the drug molecule. It reports various schemes disclosed for the synthesis of the pharma molecule. A maximum number of 3-4 different schemes/molecule shall be disclosed. If the reader wants more schemes (if available), same can be requested for.
Page 3: This page has information regarding adverse events (sideeffects) reported with the drug molecule. It also has the list of references. The section named Others provides more information (of general interest) related to the drug molecule.
I hope you this site help all the researchers in the field of medicine and health care. Common people should have a fair knowledge of what they are eating and also what other options are available for treatment.
Interesting articles/news from the pharma world too will be posted for the benefit of the readers.

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