Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cats, Dolphins and Men : Evolution Says Everything

Chapter 1: Cats, Dolphins and Men : Evolution Says Everything

Two important points that I need to disclose beforehand:

1. I like cats and dolphins.
2. I believe that humans are born with a very unique gene, imRi8. It governs our life, behaviour, responses etc. During our evolution to adulthood, this gene either transforms into, YimRi8 (seen in social activists, philanthropists, or general people with good intentions etc), or it mutates into UrWr0ng (seen is CEO’s, political bosses, Head of Departments, etc). Teenagers generally have a reversible methylated version of imRi8, namely EvyB0dyWrng. The methylation occurs at Ser (as in serenity end) of the protein chain. Subsequently, either it outgrows to YimRi8 or binds forever into UrWr0ng.

The media is excited about this new published research which furthers our views on Darwinism. Many titles just had curious heading like why cat is cat and not dolphin? I wondered why, like rest of billions earthlings. So, I decide to practice the ancient art of reading combined with modern skill of downloading.

Here is link for the same, Cell (free copy to download).

I read it myself and found that adaptation causes evolution. The mammalian species that is best to adapt has better chances to survive. Darwin too said the same, for once we all agree to the knowledge of a married man [1]. They studied 20 mammals including cows [2], rats, etc.

The article is a fine piece of work which can further knowledge in understanding many aspects of evolution, and maybe some smart brain might find something that we all missed.

Anyways, as reading and downloading was happening, two news items further explain the evolution to me. 

They are:

1. Vietnam eats cats and Chinamen are smuggling them: WOW !!!! So that’s how you evolve to keep GDP’s at such high numbers. That is pure imRi8 gene working. No mutation just pure human instinct: Learn, adapt and sell anything and everything.

2. Man claims to share some sweetness with a DOLPHIN: Well, this inter-species “TWILIGHT” saga was indigestible for my Indian stomach too. Mind you we have bumpy roads to further assist in digestion but it just didn’t digest. What was I missing? Then, I saw it, he claims “He was Seduced”, well it suggest that UrWr0ng is playing it part. His devil came from water with a tail, and he is left with a tale.

Species that is smart enough to see an opportunity and grab it for its own purpose survives to see another day. Humans for ages have been successfully doing this. It is heart and intentions that makes the difference. In a moment's notice human can evolve into a canine to enjoy feline meat, or do anything else that is unthinkable. Finally, it has also mastered the art of "it wasn't me".


1. Marriage is eye opener.  A married man sees things through wife’s eyes hence they see different things at same time.
2. Cows are smart animals. Few geniuses blamed their methane rich fart to global warming. The global confederation of cows and other milch animals kicked them out of their 60-seconds of fame spot.


1. Renamed imR8 gene to imRi8 on wife's suggestion. Ref 1 is self-explanatory here.

2. Geniuses all over world must be planning to submit (or already submitted) multi-million dollar research projects with titles such as "To study the rise in the numbers of murine population in China/Vietnam due to human consumption of felines"; "Is a rat origin epidemic in making?"; "Nutritional values of rat burgur, John Spartan style"; etc.

3. Pharma companies must have geared them with task of discovering novel molecules using analogue based/target based drug discovery for MIHDs (murine infected human disease syndrome). In few years, we will have oral/vaccine/monoclonal antibodies/peptide-non-peptide/binding-in-binding out/DNA/RNA inhibitors for MIHDs.  Also, maybe a division specializing in contraceptives for inter-species adventures.

4. The publication world (media) will be busy too, publishing data, synthesis and reviews.

Conclusion : Human race is like virus, Mr. Anderson................................