Sunday, February 15, 2015

WHO has recommended regulation in E-cigarettes

WHO has recommended regulation in E-cigarettes

In a report, World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended regulation in E-cigarettes and the liquids used inside them to protect the public. WHO wants e-cigarettes to be regulated in the same way that tobacco is.

E-cigs come with their set of problems. A recent article published in PLoS highlighted the various health issues that E-cigs can produce. 

Further more in its report, WHO points to the "great variety in the levels of toxicants and nicotine" produced by the hundreds of brands on the market - only a few of which have been studied. In the meantime, it recommends people opt for alternative nicotine replacement tools such as patches, gum and inhalers.

The e-cigarette industry is not against regulation, but Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) doesn't think that the products should be regulated like tobacco products or medicines. They argue that their product is safe, doesn’t cause any second-hand smoking problem, etc. Moreover, they claim that e-cigs has helped the next generation by keeping them away from normal cigarettes. They have also agreed to self-analyaze their product, so that they can keep away problematic substances, such as prohibited flavourings, etc. Industry sees e-cigs consumption similar to coffee, and not smoking.

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