Q: Ayurajan is free. Why are reports not published freely now?
A: I was bearing the cost of articles with the effort of curating them to produce quality content. I asked people for support (both cash and kind); where only a few responded. I am thankful to them, but I need to raise capital to keep this site going.
Q: I am poor. I cannot afford a report.
A: There are many other sites, which provide such information. They might not be well-curated where you might not get correct structure(s) or activity data(s). Moreover, these sites regularly copy-paste stuff from original source, so none of them are good for presentation. However, they are still free and few are even award winning sites.
Q: Why do I come to Ayurajan?
A: Well, in simple words…. To get CORRECT and PRESENTABLE data. To Ayurajan’s credit, are simple things such as reporting correct structure for Brigatinib etc. Moreover, the structure/synthesis etc are drawn and not copied. The activity data is verified for units and species. All the text comes from verified literature, which is always cited. Also, this is the only site that studies clinical trials data and report side-effects.
Q: What does SAS report contain?
A: They contain all the quality content presented under the same headings as reported on Ayurajan. There is no change in data reporting pattern.
Q: What is the price of the report? Is there is a student concession?
A: The price of report is between 100-125 USD. No, there is no student concession.
Q: Do you also provide journal articles?
A: No never.